From B6 to B7 armor – all of our armor components are fabricated using CAD laser and plasma cutting tools to produce armor panels that fit perfectly into the platform of choice. Our fabrication process ensures quick turnaround because all armoring components are pre-manufactured. Our armoring techniques are visibly discrete and use the minimum number of panels necessary for solid protection. We especially address weak points such as the floor area and foot-wells that need extra protection. The rear tailgate is protected with a ballistic steel door, a ballistic glass window and is reinforced with steel overlaps. The bottom of the doors, which are particularly vulnerable areas in most armored cars are secured with overlaps in armor around all doors and windows. This overlap system also helps to protect the passengers from being harmed from flying, armor glass in the case of a bomb blast.

Our ultra-lightweight composite armor is proprietary and is used exclusively in our vehicles. DEVOLRO armored cars exceed B6 levels of protection (45°) in floor and roof areas by providing safety of any angle of attack. The entire armor system is bonded to the chassis which strengthens the structure of the passenger compartment. Amazingly, a full armoring package weighs less than 800 lb. As a result, there is almost no loss in performance.

We consider an armored car to be a must have for personal and corporate security.

DEVOLRO B6 Armoring Specifications

⁍ GLASS TRANSPARENT ARMOR – Stock windshield is replaced with 42 mm bullet resistant composite transparent armor. This multi-layer glass armor is a special combination of poly-carbonate and glass that mitigates shrapnel upon ballistic impact. Armoring glass can be curved and contoured to retain the exact original appearance.

⁍ BODY – Body components are armored with a ballistic composite material and ballistic steel in accordance with B6 requirements. Armored components include: Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, header areas, rear cargo compartment, rear wheel arches, rear seat and trunk areas. Special armoring is installed to doubly protect especially vulnerable windows and door seams.

⁍ ROOF – Composite armoring meets or exceeds NI- IIIa Standards.

⁍ FLOOR – The entire floor area is armored using molded composite rigid ballistic anti-fragmentation materials. This effectively protects against grenades equivalent to the German DM-51 or US M-67.

⁍ FRAME – The pillar posts and hinge mounts are reinforced with special steel plates.

⁍ BATTERY – Battery compartment armoring complies with NIJIII standards.

⁍ DOOR SUPPORTS – Proprietary Reinforcement System by DEVOLRO.

⁍ ENGINE – Electronic control Module (ECM) protection armoring complies with NIJIII standards.

⁍ EXHAUST SYSTEM – Wire mesh tailpipe protection against insertion of foreign objects.

⁍ FUEL TANK – Composite armoring material guards against penetration and fragmentation and can withstand DM-51 or M-67 grenade.

⁍ POWER WINDOWS – Composite ballistic opaque armoring complies with NIJIII standards.

⁍ BUMPERS – Provides extra safety and brute force upon impact, accidental or deliberate.

⁍ RUN-FLAT TIRES – Provides drive-ability to run 50-100 km after puncture or whole tire damage.


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Class Weapon Caliber Type Weight (g) Range (m) Velocity (m/s) Impact Energy Shots
BR1 Handgun/Rifle .22 LR LB/RN 2,6 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 360 ± 10 170 J 3
BR2 Handgun 9×19mm Parabellum FJ/RN/SC 8,0 ± 0,1 5,00 ± 0,5 400 ± 10 640 J 3
BR3 Handgun .357 Magnum FJ/CB/SC 10,2 ± 0,1 5,00 ± 0,5 430 ± 10 940 J 3
BR4 Handgun .44 Magnum FJ/FN/SC 15,6 ± 0,1 5,00 ± 0,5 440 ± 10 1510 J 3
BR5 Rifle 5.56×45mm NATO FJ/PB/SCP 4,0 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 950 ± 10 1800 J 3
BR6 Rifle 7.62×51mm NATO FJ/PB/SC 9,5 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 830 ± 10 3270 J 3
BR7 Rifle 7.62×51mm NATO FJ/PB/HC 9,8 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 820 ± 10 3290 J 3

LB – Lead Bullet
FJ – Full Metal Jacket
FN – Flat Nose
RN – Round Nose
CB – Cone Bullet
PB – Pointed Bullet
SC – Soft Core (lead)
SCP – Soft Core (lead) & Steel Penetrator
HC – Hard Core, Steel Hardness > 63

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