Custom Off-Road Tuning

Custom off-road truck tuning can be an exciting process.

But what exactly is the truck tuning process all about?
The choice of the custom upgrades depends on your usage and taste:

· What truck style is best for you?
· How and where do you intend to use the vehicle?
· What are your favorite upgrades?

It might surprise you but in our view, there is no way to create a single truck that will suit everyone. Imagine the vehicle of your dreams. Choose from the very best upgrade components like interior, suspension, drive train upgrades or supercharger, virtually anything you want.

We offer you to make a personal choice of upgrades you'd love to have from our options list. Choose the platform that best meets your initial and then select from DEVOLRO's list of modifications. If any must-haves are still missing, ask DEVOLRO's engineers as it is very possible that they can accommodate your request.

DEVOLRO is waiting for you - to refine your design and to produce your vehicle in time and in accordance with all the plans and specifications

Toyota Tundra Platform

Is it the best in the world?

Our favorite choice of tuning platform is the Toyota Tundra. It handles off-road situations exceedingly well, offers the smoothest of rides, while being extremely reliable. In addition to decent performance, the Tundra meets our standards of exceptional road safety.

Many experts agree that on or off-road, a DEVOLRO clearly surpasses the performance and looks of the world's best mass produced SUVs.