10 April 2013


The Devolro motto is “unleash the beast,” and that was certainly exemplified during the custom car maker’s recent photo shoot. The idea behind the photo shoot was simple- why not combine two of the greatest things in life—high performance, off-road vehicles and beautiful models, although the resulting photos were anything but simple.

The photo shoot took place in Miami, Florida, the location of the company’s production facility and the photos give customers and fans alike the opportunity to view the high performance off-road vehicles designed by the company in a different light. The photo shoot was an opportunity for Devolro to expand upon its image as a designer and producer of not only the best 4WD vehicles in the industry, but also as an edgy, innovative and pioneering brand and image. On the heels of a recent website revamp, the company is working to define its brand within the world of high-performance, custom, off-road vehicle design.

The Devolro brand isn’t about being safe or predictable, and this was showcased in the photo shoot, which features the models in risqué outfits and poses, while highlighting the vehicles the company is known for producing. The scenery only further exemplifies the image being portrayed by Devolro. While a typical Miami photo shoot might focus on sunny beaches and tropical scenes, the Devolro shoot showed a grittier side of Miami, with dark storm clouds and industrial settings. Rather than do a traditional photo shoot with smiling models in bright bikinis, the Devolro shoot showcases models in leather and fur, posing next to Devolro’s most outstanding vehicle designs.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the goal of the photoshoot was to demonstrate the “beast” mentality that the company is known for. The vehicles designed by Devolro aren’t like any other type of 4WD or off-road vehicle, and they are designed for rugged use with superior capabilities. That sensibility is encapsulated by the concept of durability and a feeling of wild freedom, which was emphasized during the photo shoot. The spokesperson reported that since Devolro is by nature a company that pushes boundaries and exceeds expectations, the photo shoot was to be no exception. The company’s spokesperson said due to the nature of their products, it was really important that the shoot be something that was somewhat provocative to capture the essence of the company’s vehicles and message.
The company plans to continue to promote its products, with a little help from beautiful models, at upcoming auto shows throughout the world.

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