DEVOLRO expeditions

DEVOLRO considers racing and expeditions to be a fun and effective way to study vehicle platform strengths and weaknesses under a great variety of demanding high-performance situations. In each event, our team makes notes and analyzes what went right or wrong and then tweaks the design as required.

DEVOLRO actively participates in challenging off-road competitions and expeditions:

» World Without Borders
» From Russia With Love
» 10,000 mile Trans-Siberian Trek

ExpeditionDEVOLRO DAKAR 2015

ExpeditionWWb World Without Borders

This round-the-world expedition was sponsored in part by DEVOLRO. In order to improve our understanding of geopolitical make-up, culture and society, the WWB Team asked the question how would life go on should borders cease to exist?. “This thing looks like you can drive through an Apocalypse and come out alive.” – TUNDRAHEADQUARTERS.COM

Expedition From Russia, DEVOLRO


This 2013 expedition saw TEAM DEVOLRO meander or rampage (as etiquette required) through Russia and Central Asia. Countries visited included Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghistan and Kazakhstan. Our team of trucks successfully navigated terrain including nicely paved roads, passages that resembled the moon’s surface, as well and an assortment of other challenging terrains.

Expedition 10,000 miles. DEVOLRO

Expedition10,000 Miles Through Siberia

We test all our technological developments through expeditions. As part of our ongoing product improvement program, we observe vehicle weaknesses, find solutions and further refine the instrument. The 10,000 Miles expedition was documented as a part of a “Russia Today” documentary project. This Trans-Siberian trek thoroughly demonstrated DEVOLRO’s technology and survivability in harsh environments.

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