Diablo features LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE

Obtain the custom features to meet your performance needs. This truck was conceived and designed to match world-class capabilities of new technologies, while also exceeding the most luxurious standards set within the automotive industry. In one distinguished vehicle, we have blended a perfect mix of hand-crafted leather, rugged off-road components & tools, unrivaled entertainment systems, and so much more. From the wheels to bullet-proof doors, this vehicle was created for those who demand the best. It was built to be the best and toughest SUV in the world.

Devolro Off-Road lights


Is this the ultimate Sport/Special Utility Vehicle (SUV)? We know it is! For the hiker, hunter, industrial executive or the discerning driver who just enjoys the open road, on and off, Devolro SUVs are the perfect choice. Advanced, reinforced suspension tuning with a massive 5.7 Supercharged V8, this vehicle will propel and excite all your driving desires. Our high-end production line provides engineering stability and our custom premium features are built to last for a lifetime.

Toyota Devolro Engine

Under The Hood

Off-road adventure anyone? The Toyota Tundra Devolro engine is powered to truly deserve the title, “The Ultimate Survival Vehicle.” A TRD supercharger upgrade is highly recommended for 5.7 V8, it increases engine’s horsepower from stock 381 to 525! And that’s not the limit. Especially for those who consider 525 HP is not enough, we have prepared a loaded DIABLO version with 650 HP under the hood. With our advanced suspension tuning, reinforced axles and invulnerable transmission your Devolro ride is always unparalleled.

As soon as herculean 400 mm brakes that are exclusively made for Devolro by Brembo come into the full action, you will sense a level of stopping power that is unbelievable for a pedigree truck of that size. Moreover, you can drive with the peace of mind that your security is additionally protected with a full body B6+ patented hybrid armor system. Our trucks are known for strength, durability and safety – a distinctive blend that you just cannot obtain from a mainstream automotive company.

Toyota Tundra Lift and Tires

7” lift and 37″ tires Additional features include a 7” suspension lift and 37″ tires, a suspension system which increases the vehicle’s clearance for extreme off-road settings.

Toyota Devolro Bumpers

Heavy-duty bumpers The truck develops a tank-like presence when steel and armor are added to the front and rear bumpers.

Toyota Devolro: Air Locking Differential

For areas where there are no roads at all, we install an air locking differential, created to provide 100% traction on demand, without sacrificing any of your vehicle’s highway driving performance.

Toyota Devolro 187 liters Fuel Tank

Extended range fuel tank. Add to all this an extended range fuel tank. Upgraded 187 liters fuel tank will help you stay powered and will allow you to go long distances without worrying about refueling your tank.