features Custom automotive features for incredible results.

This car was designed with you in mind. Specifically. Devolro really does think of you when it comes to automotive creation. Your favorite leather, your perfect off-road features, your dream entertainment system, and so much more. From the wheel to the tire, this car is made for you. Why not make it perfect?

Devolro Off-Road lights


Some serious driving.
For the hiker, the mountain man, or the driver who just enjoys the open road on and off, Devolro custom cars are the perfect choice. Our vehicles are made for off-road driving. The stability, engineering and custom premium features are built to last—for a lifetime.

Toyota Devolro Engine

Under The Hood
unlimited power

Time for an off-road adventure, anyone? The Toyota Tundra Devolro engine is custom made to power your ultimate survival vehicle. Additional supercharger upgrade increases engine’s horsepower from 380 to 520! Our cars are known for strength, durability, safety, and an edge you just can’t get on an average buy.

Toyota Tundra Lift and Tires

7” lift and 37″ tires This suspension tuning increases the vehicle’s clearance, which is highly important when driving off-road.

Toyota Devolro Bumpers

Heavy-duty bumpers When the regular Toyota Tundra bumpers are replaced with heavy-duty ones, the pickup has virtually tank-like armor in the front and rear.

Toyota Devolro: Air Locking Differential

For areas where there are no roads at all, we install an air locking differential, created to provide 100% traction on demand, without sacrificing any of your vehicle’s highway driving performance.

Toyota Devolro 187 liters Fuel Tank

Extended range fuel tank. Upgraded 187 liters fuel tank will help you stay powered and will allow you to go long distances without worrying about refueling your tank.