04 June 2013


It is with great pride we announce that Performance Cars Studio Devolro has added off-road limousines to its line of serial production vehicles. No similar vehicle exists on the market today.

Toyota Tundra Platinum Limousine is a brilliant implementation of Devolro’s objective to develop a perfect and spacious limousine using an off-road vehicle platform. The model uniquely combines limousine-like appearance with distinct innovative features that are Devolro’s claim to fame. This is the very first limousine in the world that performs with equal confidence both off-road and on the highway. Its luxurious interior boasts Italian leather trim, two bars, a refrigerator, two 3D TV screens, a touch screen passenger computer and hardwood floor – all these features are perfectly geared to create a spacious and comfortable environment for passengers. The design of this limousine has everything for comfort of the driver and passengers and immediately captures attention with its unusual and stylish exterior, clean lines and ideal proportions. The Devolro limousine can comfortably carry 6-7 persons, not including the driver.

What is Toyota Tundra Platinum Limousine and what are its innovative features? First of all, it is one of the most comprehensively tuned off-road vehicles, equipped with pneumatic suspension for increased comfort of the passengers while traveling on bumpy roads. Secondly, fans of beautiful design and sophisticated luxury will be undoubtedly pleased with its unique exterior and comfortable salon of a first-class limousine. Thirdly, Toyota Tundra Platinum Limousine is a unique automobile in its class, capable of appealing to those who favor practical off-road vehicles and to luxury limousine aficionados. The Devolro limousine is a real off-road vehicle with 520 hp V8 turbo engine, 187 liter fuel tank, equipped with reinforced front and rear bumpers, 22 inch wheels, tow wenches, adjustable clearance and many other features and Toyota Tundra accessories.
The sensational new design by Devolro – a comfortable limousine equipped as an off-road vehicle – was presented to the public for the first time at the International New York Auto Show in March-April of 2013. Devolro produced the innovative model combining the reputation of a serious off-road vehicle and the looks of a luxurious limousine.

The appearance of the new off-road limousine with distinctive exclusive design and high level of comfort became a sensation at the New York Auto Show. It was noted by show participants and received broad press coverage. Today Toyota Tundra Platinum Limousine is the world’s only limousine in serial production fully equipped as a real OFF-ROAD vehicle.

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