Toyota Tundra Tuning

Many clients prefer to start with a 4x4 stock vehicle as a base for their dream monster truck.

The Toyota Tundra is generally considered to be the best truck Toyota have ever made. The industry applauds the vehicle's bold and sturdy design, beautiful style with superior performance. That is why the Tundra is a prime target for custom off-road truck enthusiasts and our favorite tuning platform.

With some intelligent tuning, this vehicle can be converted into a real super-truck. Very popular and recommended DEVOLRO upgrades include performance modifications and luxury interiors. For optimal experience we recommend that your truck be loaded with the following options:

· suspension upgrade
· powerful engine
· off-road tires
· rims and wheels
· steel bumpers
· Line-X protection

The resultant product: Great looks in combination with extraordinary capability.

Toyota Tundra Platform


Our favorite choice of tuning platform is the Toyota Tundra. It handles off-road situations exceedingly well, offers the smoothest of rides, while being extremely reliable. In addition to decent performance, the Tundra meets our standards of exceptional road safety.

Many experts agree that on or off-road, a DEVOLRO clearly surpasses the performance and looks of the world's best mass produced SUVs.