August 18, 2013

«From Russia» expedition – a project by Team Devolro – has come to its finish line in mid-August. The project started off on June 13, 2013 from the Red Square in Moscow. The route across the territory of Russia went from Moscow into Georgia via Rostov-on-Don, Nalchik and Vladikavkaz. The quality of the road surface throughout the entire route varied from good to completely dilapidated. However, traveling in the Devolro Toyota was uneventful and comfortable regardless of the road conditions, because the suspension, engine and extra comfortable seating allowed the expedition participants to focus on the scenery.

A regular scheduled technical maintenance came due during the expedition and it turned out to be a very simple thing to get done. The expedition participants did not have to worry about this because there is a Toyota dealer center in virtually every city in Russia. As soon as the vehicle reached the mileage requiring regular maintenance, the nearest Toyota service center was found along the expedition route where the oil change was performed on the vehicle, which only cost 200 US dollars.

These are the Devolro expedition impressions after traveling the major highways throughout Russia. Certainly traveling throughout Central Asia was no less exciting. The vehicle had performed exceptionally well on the roads of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan, especially while traveling off-road. The expedition regularly left the paved roads to climb to the top of the mountain and enjoy the birds-eye view or to take a short cut via an abandoned country road while taking in the views of centuries old buildings, castles, and churches. Such an expedition would not have been possible without improved off-road capabilities, increased capacity 187 litre fuel tank, and a floodlight capable of illuminating a stadium, installed on the Toyota Devolro roof-rack.

Besides the importance for marketing and making the world aware of Devolro automobiles, such expeditions allow the Devolro team to perform serious testing of the new improvements introduced to the vehicle design. Our design office instantly receives information about any technical issues occurring throughout the expedition. We can proudly note that only one technical breakdown was experienced by our vehicle during the entire two month «From Russia» expedition: due to the vibration induced by off-road conditions, the factory standard muffler attachment broke off. Therefore, Devolro has once again demonstrated high reliability of its vehicle.

As an announcement of future events: the Devolro team has embarked on a new around- the- world expedition starting in Rio de Janeiro this July. We will cover the details of this expedition in our next news update.