Devolro KingDavid becomes an international sensation

June 26, 2013

During the on-going «From Russia» expedition the Devolro Kingdavid cannot escape the attention and interest of surprised customs officials, policemen, industry reporters and traveling public – virtually everyone it encounters on the road. Anyone beholding the Devolro Kingdavid for the first time wants to get to know this unusual off-road vehicle, inquire about its technical specifications and wanted to take a memento picture with this automobile. The encounter with the Devolro Kingdavid can perform miracles and drastically changes people’s perception of an ordinary on the road situation. Even a stern policeman while checking the expedition participant’s papers could not help himself and expressed his admiration for the automobile. After just a few minutes the entire group was chatting like old friends.

This reaction is fairly natural – Devolro Kingdavid’s formidable exterior commands attention. Devolro Kingdavid was created on the basis of Toyota Tundra, modified by the tuning studio Performance Cars Devolro: engine power increased from 381 to 520 hp and fuel tank expanded to 183 liter capacity, the body reinforced with steel bumpers with built-in winch, 37 inch off-road wheels, Brembo breaking system, powerful lighting system with bright HID headlights, allowing to move around at night as easily as during the day.

This off-road vehicle can without hesitation be taken on a road trip through unchartered territory or to embark on a far away expedition. The salon is equipped with modern GPS navigation system so you will never be lost. The interior is of Devolro Kingdavid is upgraded to provide maximum comfort for the driver and passengers: Italian leather seats and upholstery, premium audio system, pneumatic suspension, winch and differential blocking controls are available at the dashboard. Thus Devolro Kingdavid has proven itself as comfortable and powerful off-road vehicle capable to withstand extreme travel conditions on a moment’s notice.

The participation of Devolro Kingdavid off-road vehicle in «From Russia» expedition represents one of the projects organized by DEVOLRO. The company plans to expand its range of vehicle models, to prepare the automobiles for participation in other expeditions and conquering new heights and territories. Very soon our unique off-road vehicles will have traveled the entire world.