Devolro opens its new production facility

September 3, 2013

Devolro has moved to its new state-of-the-art dedicated technology and production facility. The main feature of the new facility is that it combines the entire Devolro-specific production cycle under one roof: one building compound now houses Devolro’s corporate office, design studio, vehicle assembly bay, spare parts warehouse and ample parking space.

Organization of the assembly bay is especially worthy of note. The main bay is a space of over 1300 square meters and its sectors are divided into sectors by specialty: body work, engine tuning, suspension tuning, cabin customization, sound and electric systems. The vehicles go through each sector in well-defined sequence and each vehicle undergoes individually selected set of procedures.
Custom parts used for tuning are of Devolro’s own design, however some key elements, such as Brembo break supports and ICON shock absorbers are made by the original manufacturers under the Devolro brand. The use of modern equipment made in the USA allows Devolro to efficiently perform tuning of any level of complexity while maintaining a guarantee of delivering the highest quality work.

Devolro is expanding its line of custom tuned automobiles. In particular, one of the center’s first products will be Toyota Sequoia. Devolro also plans to start custom tuning of Toyota Tacoma whilst new and improved Toyota Tundra 2014 will be a surprise for everyone.